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The Magic of JP Wilson: Described by the Wall Street Journal as a "successful  ... hot new NBA Act".


The Magic of JP Wilson halftime show has toured the country and has even made a few stops in other countries! 


When others said that a magic show could not be done in an arena, surrounded, JP was up to the challenge.  Creating a fully custom show with new and original illusions, breathtaking costuming and vegas-style magic JP's halftime show is sure to leave you wanting more!


Not only does JP have preset acts that he can perform for halftime, JP can also bring in extra props that will enable your mascot or team VIP to be produced center court as well!


For more information on the Magic of JP Wilson halftime show please contact Tyler Cofer, with Buzzer Beater Entertainment or visit

Performed For:

Halftime Show Inquiries, please contact JP.

(405) 831-0102

Oklahoma City Thunder Halftime Show

Dec. 31, 2013

Running Time: 5:17

“The Magic of JP Wilson” halftime show is what we’ve all been waiting for… a fresh new act that our fans haven’t seen with props that take up the entire court; stunts that involve your logo and jerseys, and or performers. This is a Vegas type show you put right on your court. Set-up is easy and working with these guys is a true pleasure. I suggest having the performance “lights out” to add to the presentation.”

-John Leach, Dir. of Events & Entertainment, Oklahoma City Thunder

San Antonio Spurs Playoffs Halftime Show

2012 Western Conference Finals

Running Time: 6:52

"As a Game Presentation Director preparation is just as important as the actual show itself. Working with JP Wilson and 3 Point Productions takes all the guesswork out of the both of these elements in booking top class entertainment. The Magic of JP Wilson was a high energy show that kept fans in their seats and left people scratching their heads in amazement! This is definitely a performance that any fan who likes to be entertained will enjoy!"

-Chris Garcia, Game Presentation Director, San Antonio Spurs

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The Magic of JP Wilson halftime show can also incorporate your team mascot or team dancers into the show!


JP would love to have your team dancers or mascot to be a part of the halftime show as well!  Whether it is as simple as helping with the magic or even actually being a part of the magic, JP can make it happen!  Your team dancers can appear or disappear and your team mascot can even help cut JP's beautiful assistant in half!


JP can also bring an extra magic illusion that your mascot can perform during a quarter break after halftime!  Whether you need your mascot to perform 'real-magic' or a spoof, JP has props that can help!  Contact JP or 3 Point Productions for more information on bringing the extra props to your next game!


Click here to see JP's assistant be cut in half by Rumble the Bison, of the Oklahoma City Thunder!



The Magic of JP Wilson halftime show can also incorporate exotic animals into the show!


JP can produce birds, ducks or even a tiger during his show!  By special request, this feature can be the perfect ending to an already spellbinding halftime show!


Click here to watch the video of JP producing a live Siberian Tiger at the end of a 2012 show for the Oklahoma City Thunder.


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